Boating Articles

You've probably heard the expression "a boat is nothing more than a hole in the water that you throw money into". Whether or not that's true is irrelevant. A boat is an investment that requires proper care, maintenance and insurance in order for the owner and any occupants to be safe and enjoy their time on the water.

So if you're wondering about insuring your boat or looking for information on batteries and charging, trailering, boating safety and other interesting topics, our "Boating" pages are for you.


Heidi on the Lake

Be Prepared

For a Great Day on the Lake

A simple list does most of the job for me, but there are certain items that absolutely must be on board. The reason is: certain items are necessary in order for me – and any passengers – to be safe (and legal) on the water.  Read more

Charging Boat Batteries

Charging Your Boat Batteries

Marine batteries, no matter the type, respond to charging in different ways, and it's important to use the right battery charger in the proper way. Read more

Approaching Storm

Wearing a PFD

Things can go wrong in a hurry.  Are you ready? Read more

Highway Traffic

Why Slow Down?

5 Tips for Vacation Road Warriors

Ways to make that gallon of gas go even further. Read more

Building Thunderhead

Lightning on the Lake

The best way to protect yourself from lightning and severe storms is understand a bit more. Read more

Car and trailer

In a Hurry to Get There?

10 Tips to Help Fuel Economy

The added expense for gasoline on a trip can sometimes make or break the vacation.  Here are 10 ways to maximize your miles per gallon on the long haul. Read more

Boat GPS

GPS and Finding Your Way Home

However, in order to really know where one is, one absolutely must know two very important pieces of information in order to know position: the date and the accurate...Read more

Boat Trailer on Highway

Towing, Trailering & Tires

I just came back from my annual spring fishing trip to Minnesota and I gotta say that every year I get a little bit more nervous as I trailer my boat 600 miles in each direction.  The reason is simple... Read more

Boat Battery

Boat Batteries

Most of us take our boat batteries for granted, in much the same manner as we do our car batteries.  I used to do that.  I thought that an occasional blast from a charger would be enough to do the trick... Read more

Lund Mr. Pike

Insuring Your Boat

When I bought my first boat, a friend asked me if I knew that a boat was defined as a hole in the water, into which I would be throwing a lot of money.  I chuckled...Read more

First Aid Kit

First Aid in Your Boat

Once you are out on the water, it is too late to discover that a very important item is missing. This applies whether you are taking that old beat up “John” boat to a farm pond or that brand new Lund...Read more

Boating Knots

A Few Knots to Know

Knot tying is part of the practice of what is known as marlinspike seamanship – the general knowledge of knots and the care of rope...Read more

Navigational Aids

The Importance of Navigational Aids 

In 1998, more than 800 lives were lost as a result of recreational boating accidents in the U.S. and its territories... Read more


Getting Ready for Winter

Take some time now to “winterize” your boat so that you can sit beside a winter’s fire and enjoy memories and pictures of last summer’s vacation and rest assured that your boat will be ready next spring when you are. Read more

Lady Slipper in spring

Getting Ready for Spring

Most of us are antsy to get our boats back in the water.  But the important question is: is your boat really ready to be “on the water”? I’m guessing that it’s not. And the reason is...Read more