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Years ago, when I realized that I liked to eat fish as much as I liked to catch them, I also realized that just dipping a fillet into some sort of batter and frying it was going to get boring after a while -- especially if I were going to eat fish on a fairly regular basis. And so began the quest of trying to determine just how many ways a walleye -- or any other freshwater fish -- could be successfully prepared, and which recipe would best lend itself to any particular occasion or menu.

Dinner in the Cabin

There were a lot of recipes that I discovered and attempted; much experimentation took place, and lots of sources were consulted. The walleye recipes were also tried with blue gills, northern pike, bass, crappie, perch and smelt. I even substituted salt-water varieties for my freshwater choices, and suddenly a whole new world opened up.

Below are some of my favorites -- tried and true recipes that have always been greeted with smiles and compliments. They are not difficult to prepare, and even though I still appreciate a good ol' fish fry, I promise that some of these may just open your eyes to some different -- and very tasty -- ways to enjoy your favorite catch!

Freshwater Fish Recipes

Note: You will notice that many of the same recipes have been included under several different species of fish.  That's because the recipes work well with more than one species.  These are just my own favorites -- feel free to experiment!


Northern Pike


Blue Gills



Sauces for Fish

There are literally hundreds of different types of sauces that can be made, each having tremendous potential to increase the variety – and isn’t variety the spice of life? – of ways that food can be prepared and presented. The resulting world of flavors can do wonders for even the simplest of dishes.

Side Dishes

Aside from the nightly "what would you like for dinner", another question refers to the possible side dishes to accompany our dinner. Is it rice, potatoes, beans, etc? And of course, there are many available recipes for rice, potatoes and beans... as well as the "etc." part of that response. Below are a number of side dishes that I have personally tested and tasted.

Eggs & Breakfast Items



Home Canning

Appetizers, Etcetera