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Battery and charger technology alike have made some incredible advances since those days a long time ago when I worked in a gas station and filled new car batteries with fresh sulfuric acid before charging them on a linear trickle charger…

Today is a different story; batteries designed for cars are one thing. Those designed for boats are a totally different story. Each of today’s boat batteries has a different purpose, and each has various advantages and disadvantages. 

Boat batteries are essential for powering your boat’s electrical system, including the starting motor, trolling motor, fish finders, and navigation lights. There are two main types of boat batteries: starting batteries and deep cycle batteries. Starting batteries are designed to provide a high surge of power for starting the engine, while deep cycle batteries are designed to provide a steady stream of power for longer periods of time.

Making the right choice when buying a new battery will eliminate many worries when you are on the water. That will allow you to concentrate on the most important reason you bought your boat in the first place: having fun. But what about after you get off the water? Those brand-new batteries you just bought – whether deep cycle or cranking variety – will obviously need to be recharged at some point.

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