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The Finest of Times

Sunset at Lake Shabbona
Keeper of the Keys to the Loch...

Filleting Freshwater Fish

Filleting Freshwater Game Fish




My frequent travels to the North Woods take me through some interesting places in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  When I was growing up, I couldn't wait to get to where we were going.   Now, I enjoy taking my time ( a sign of getting older?) and, more often than not, make the trip in two days or more.  I try to get off the main highway and do some exploring.  It is said that time is precious.  It is not nearly so precious as the hundreds of places that are just waiting for you to visit.  As my favorite Uncle Tommy used to constantly tell us: "Take some time to look around you. It's amazing what you will see!"

Turtles, Eagles & Bears... Oh My!
It was the first time on vacation that our car remained in the exact same spot for the entire week -- we never ventured out anywhere -- and that was good.  
More Than 10,000 Lakes...
It had a teepee, an Indian Chief and stones stretching across a small stream at the end of the lake, trickling away... My father told us that this was the very beginning of the Mississippi River...
In Oconomowoc for a Weekend
Can you say Pasty?  I knew you could!  But more on what is thought to be a Cornish creation a bit later...  The purpose of the weekend was originally a plan to meet family members, one of whom...
A Brewery, a Fish Fry and FLW
We headed north on an excursion to Spring Green in order to take a tour of Taliesin, the home and studio of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, tour Capital Brewery and have a fish fry at....
Enjoying some morning sunshine!

Klondike Days
The arrival of Klondike Days, as well excellent snow conditions on the trails were ample reason for the many sleds we saw in the parking lot at the resort...

Warehouse "C" at Buffalo Trace On the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
We may only scratch the surface, but the story of bourbon is one which should serve as a call to head out to see, smell and taste for yourself, the ambrosia called: Bourbon!
Cures for "Cabin Fever" and the "Are We There Yet?" Syndrome
My father was a veritable nut about going places… and neither my sister not myself were all that gung-ho about traveling – especially by car, but air travel hadn’t really been “invented” yet...
Stevens Point & Nokomis
The day had dawned with a clear blue sky and crisp temperatures -- 27 degrees and a heavy frost -- and the trip to Stevens Point was only about an hour and a half... with almost no traffic.
Rice Lake, Wisconsin Ice Fishing
It seemed to me to a great excuse to try some more ice fishing - I made several phone calls, booked two nights at the Best Western and Heidi and I planned a weekend getaway... 
Loon Capital of the World
After a visit to one of the bait shops, we were told that there was a small lake in town where we could easily launch our boat.  We headed over, got the boat in and took a sort of tourist cruise around the 273-acre lake for awhile... 
S.S. Badger coming into Manitowoc The S.S. Badger
The Badger offers the largest cross-lake passenger service on the Great Lakes and an authentic steamship experience. The four-hour, 60-mile cruise takes people, autos, and much more across Lake Michigan between Ludington and Manitowoc.
Cars, Trains and Ducks!
"Why don't we go just for fun and spend the night - we can go have dinner at that little place where they have a blue gill fish fry?"  Well, she had said the magic words and suddenly we were...
Lakeside Park on Lake Winnebago Journey to the Far End of the Lake
The lake itself - Lake Winnebago - at 137,700 acres is the largest freshwater inland lake in the United States, yet only averages about 15 feet in depth...
Inside Frank Lloyd Wright's Monona Terrace Madison Getaway
I was notably impressed with what I saw and experienced in a very short period of time. In fact, my plan is to return and sample additional bits of an incredibly refreshing and fun city.  (02/06)
The Fireside Dinner/Theater
The Fifties were my years and every song performed that evening, from television commercials to theme songs to chart-toppers, were ones to which I knew the lyrics...  (01/05)
U-505 Submarine at the Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago
A chill went through me as I gazed upon the four bow torpedo tubes and one of the infamous and secret T5 acoustic torpedoes displayed hanging in front of the sub; I tried to imagine... (12/05)
Blues under the big tent Berghoff & Blues Festival
Here in the mid-west, there are few things better than great music, great beer, and great weather… other than great fishing of course.  
Mars Resort on Lake Como, Lake Geneva, WI Mars Resort in Lake Geneva
Sometimes, a short excursion is better than no excursion at all.  And so, at the end of a very long week, Heidi and I decided to head a short distance north to one of our favorite dinner venues...
Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest
There is much to learn about the berry that, until 1930, when Ocean Spray introduced us to its Cranberry Juice Cocktail, became little more than an extra sauce that was served at Thanksgiving.   
On the Hunt for Muskellunge
I had heard about an event that was going to be sponsored by Berghoff Beer.  It was the 15th Annual St. Germain, Greater Wisconsin Musky Tournament, and Berghoff was...
Wisconsin's Maritime Capitol
There is a city on the edge of one of the greatest of the Great Lakes – Michigan – by the name of Manitowoc, to which I have wanted to journey. The Indians called it mune-owk, and it means...
National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame (Hayward, WI)
The place was brimming with record fish of all varieties.  But there was so much more to see.  One of my favorite displays included an outboard motor that was...   (July '03)
Heidel House Resort at Green Lake, WI
...boy, do I have a place to recommend to you. It is only about 165 miles north of the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and it has just become one of my favorite destinations. (Jan '03)
Lake Michigan & the Chicago River
We had obtained a very reasonable rate from the Drake Hotel – too good, in fact, to pass up... (Oct '02)
Leinenkugel's Brewery in Chippewa Falls
Every year – actually twice per summer – I pass the sign for Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin but never have had a reason or the time to stop. After all, I am on my way to go fishing. This year however, was different... (Aug '02)
Little Norway Valley Little Norway near Mt. Horeb, WI
Not more than a mile or so from Cave of the Mounds is a little place secluded back in the hills called Little Norway. My Norse blood started to pump a little harder when we pulled into the parking lot... (July 2002)
Huber Brewery & Green Co, WI
 I learned that this particular brewing company is the second oldest in the country. Located in Monroe, Wisconsin, the Huber Brewing Company is only about 2½ hours – at the most – from the suburbs of Chicago... (June 2002)
Stillwater, Minnesota
I had heard about the town of Stillwater, MN but had never visited it.  I did a little research, and when I literally stumbled upon something called the dinner train (The Minnesota Zephyr), my mind was made up... (Feb, 2002)









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