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Knots. Knives. Cleaning fish. Weather. Woods. Waters. Fishing... I never had a clue as to just how much I needed to know -- let alone just how much there was to learn... But the fun part is that, after all these years, I'm still learning. And I am more than happy to share with you the tips, tricks and other information that I have learned over those years. My most important lesson?  Knowledge truly is power.  Other than that... a good, sharp knife really is a necessity! rk
A good sharp knife is a must

Filleting Fish

 The pages listed below demonstrate methods I learned to clean walleyes, northern pike, small mouth bass and blue gills; they are some of the best freshwater game fish I have tasted! rk


On the Ice

Just like "soft-water" angling, ice-fishing can get to be very expensive -- if one wants to acquire all of the toys that are available for the sport. All those toys are not necessarily mandatory in order to have some fun.

I got my start sitting on a bucket with a small pole and bucket of minnows. Sure, it helps to have a portable shanty, a Vexilar flasher, a power ice auger and an underwater camera. But for me, it's more the joy of escaping the winter blues and cabin fever... rk

The Living Lake

Your Tackle Box

Expert sailors know more different types of knots -- and how to tie them -- than Carter has pills. But even the biggest novice on the water can be aided by the knowledge of just a few simple knots. From keeping a snap swivel tied securely to the end of your line, to keeping your boat tied securely to the dock, a little knowledge of knots will go a long way towards making your day on the water a better one. rk 

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