Fishing & Boating in the Northwoods

Boat Winterization and Storage – Getting Ready

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The days are warm, sunny and bright, the nights are cool and crisp, and lakes are beginning the slow process of turnover. I know that, up at my favorite fishing hole in northern Minnesota, the pike are feeding voraciously and the walleyes and smallmouth too, are fattening up for the long winter ahead. It’s not […]

Winter Temperatures & Battery Health

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Since I live in the Midwest – and winter temperatures can vary widely here – my age and experience have added greatly to what I have learned, over the years, about batteries. As an avid fisherman and boater with over 50 years on the water, I have learned much about the care and maintenance of […]

Rice Lake Ice Fishing

rice lake ice shanty

Many years ago, it became increasingly obvious that the traffic heading north out of Eau Claire was far too great to be handled by a two-lane highway; a four-lane version had to be built. And as is the case in many similar situations, small towns along “old” US 53 – soon almost forgotten – were […]

Equipment for Ice Fishing

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Necessary Gear for Ice Fishing As I prepare for my ultimate and full entry into the world of ice fishing, I have decided that — although I’m sure many get by with less; obviously more is always possible. There are definitely several items of equipment that I consider to be essential. At the very least, […]

Lake Delavan Ice Fishing

lake delavan ice fishing

As I stated in my very first article on the topic: “Winter sports are surely not for the faint of heart. But if the hustle-bustle rat race and other stresses have got you feeling that you want to scream, my suggestion would be to head north for a little getaway.” Seems like it was time […]