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Questions & Answers about Boat Batteries

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Due to the amount of traffic on the Boat Batteries & Charging pages and the number of emails I’ve received on the subject, I’ve decided to post some of the questions and answers here. I hope you find this information helpful! Have a question? You can post a question on our Facebook page! R. Karl […]

Winter Temperatures & Battery Health

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Since I live in the Midwest – and winter temperatures can vary widely here – my age and experience have added greatly to what I have learned, over the years, about batteries. As an avid fisherman and boater with over 50 years on the water, I have learned much about the care and maintenance of […]

Boat Battery Storage

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Battery storage is something that is easily overlooked and whether or not your boat is stored for the season in a warm garage or out in the cold, your best bet is to remove all batteries and bring them inside. A fully charged battery with a perfect electrolyte level can probably withstand temperatures down to […]

Battery Maintenance

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A battery can lose – depending on how and where it is stored – up to 30% of its charge per month – just sitting around the house or garage or storage facility! And there are all kinds of things that affect battery charge and loss thereof (like temperature, humidity, state of discharge, age of […]

Four Categories of Boat Batteries


As if making choices about cranking and deep-cycle batteries doesn’t make things difficult enough, batteries can be further described according to the configuration of the electrolyte inside the battery. This leads us to four categories of boat batteries that all have their own advantages and disadvantages. And while it does involve a bit of chemistry, […]

Types of Marine Batteries – 12 Volt

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This article will explain the different types of marine batteries you may have or need onboard your boat. One Final Outing Usually, by the end of October, many of the lakes have “turned over” for the winter. Morning steam rising from the water indicates that the heat energy stored in the lake from the long […]

Charging Your Boat Batteries

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Charging boat batteries is much different from charging car batteries. This is especially true today. Importantly, marine batteries, no matter the type (flooded wet cell, gel, AGM, or even the newer Lithium-ion variety, respond to charging in different ways. Using the right battery charger in the proper way will help preserve the life of your […]