Fishing & Boating in the Northwoods

The Life and Times of Mr. Pike

mouth of northern pike

Also known by some as Jack, Jackfish, Wolf, Gator, or Pickeral, Mr. Pike (Esox lucius) has always seemed to have just a bit of an image problem. Its scientific name in fact, is derived from Latin, and literally means “water wolf”. It is a carnivorous fish. There are many who would select the Northern Pike […]

Mango Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

mango hollandaise

Now here’s an easy, no-brainer recipe of mine for a sauce that will really add some pizzazz to what may have been a somewhat blah piece of fish using mango! It will work equally well on fried, broiled or even grilled fish like walleye, northern pike, perch or bass! In the photo shown, I also […]

Northern Pike Spaghetti Recipe

Northern Pike Spaghetti

Here is another great recipe idea for you to try. It’s kind of like an Italian stir-fry but we call it Northern Pike Spaghetti. The preparation is quick and easy, and you’ll create big smiles of approval with the results. (This page may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if […]

Pan Fried Fish Recipe

fried fish plate

Love fried fish? Ever wonder what to do with all those broken potato or tortilla chips that fall to the bottom of the bag? They’re too small to eat and usually they just get thrown away. Well, here’s a way to answer both of those questions, especially if you’re on a camping or fishing trip. […]

Mesquite-Grilled Margarita Northern Pike Recipe

Northern pike made margarita-style

Northern Pike will lend themselves well to being prepared in a variety of ways. This is especially true if they are fresh. But even after lengthy freezing, they will still maintain a very good flavor if rinsed well before freezing, and then soaked in a mixture of egg and milk for a few hours prior […]