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Bass Veronique Recipe

bass veronique with wild rice

Bass Veronique is a great recipe inspired by the chef who got me started, Joseph Insalago. I met Joseph at a restaurant in Marina del Rey, California in 1975. Joseph would buy fresh Pacific Red Snapper from local merchants and work magic with it. (This page may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn […]

Walleye Oscar Recipe

walleye oscar

This recipe for Walleye Oscar is a dish based on how I first learned to prepare Veal Oscar – one of my favorites – the recipe for which I acquired from Chef Joseph Insalago, while working in Marina Del Rey, California. Fresh fish is always available there (and even here in the heart of the […]

Walleye Meuniere Recipe

Walleye Meuniere

It has always been amazing to me that the most excellent tasting dishes are often the simplest to prepare. The recipe here for walleye done meuniere style is one I learned a long time ago. If you’re not familiar with what Meuniere sauce is, it is a simple preparation of clarified butter and lemon and […]