Fishing & Boating in the Northwoods

Tying the Trilene Knot

trilene knot

If you are more of an “old school” guy like me, you probably still use monofilament line on your reels. And there is nothing wrong with that! So, if that is the case, the Trilene knot is a good one to know how to tie. It is definitely a strong and reliable knot used to […]

Boating Knots to Know – Before You Go

Boating Knot to cleat

There are a number of very basic boating knots with which even the most casual of boaters should familiarize him/herself. This is to ensure that, among other things, the boat stays where it was tied. That in mind, this article deals with the basic knots you can use while boating. Actually, these knots have many […]

Palomar Knot

palomar knot

Often mistakenly called the Palmer Knot, the Palomar Knot is arguably one of the best knots to know how to tie – especially for the avid fisherman. It is an extremely easy knot to tie, exceptionally strong, and very popular with bass fishermen for tying on jigs and worm hooks. It’s also the only knot […]

How to Make Your Own Lindy Rigs

tying a lindy rig

When I first went walleye fishing on Lake Kabetogama in 1972, I quickly learned that the method used there to fish was quite different from what I had previously known. The resort owner told us that we needed to “use a heavy sinker above the snap swivel and bump the bottom with a long leader”. […]