Fishing & Boating in the Northwoods

An Open Letter On Fishing Regulations

Walleye caught on Rainy Lake with fishing guide

The open letter in this article was sent to the Minnesota DNR in response to changes in fishing regulations on Lake Kabetogama. For all of the years I have fished and hunted, in all of the lakes, on all of the lands and in all of the states where I have been privileged to have […]

Greater Wisconsin Musky Tournament – Day 2

Guide Scott and R Karl

After a restful night’s sleep, we were up early and ready to head out early to continue the hunt! Scott Kaminsky was our guide on Sunday. We met him at 8:00 am and headed back out onto the lake. Although the early morning temperature was only in the mid-20’s, the sky was clear, and the […]

Annual Greater Wisconsin Musky Tournament – Day One

Muskie Hunters sign

The common name is Muskellunge – Musky for short. The scientific name is: Esox masquinongy. The Wisconsin DNR web site tells me that: “Esox comes from the old name for pike in Europe, masquinongy comes from the Cree ‘mashk’ meaning deformed, and ‘kinonge’ is a pike. Note: Although no longer sponsored by Berghoff, this tournament […]

The Life and Times of Mr. Pike

mouth of northern pike

Also known by some as Jack, Jackfish, Wolf, Gator, or Pickeral, Mr. Pike (Esox lucius) has always seemed to have just a bit of an image problem. Its scientific name in fact, is derived from Latin, and literally means “water wolf”. It is a carnivorous fish. There are many who would select the Northern Pike […]

The Finest of Times

rain in the distance of Lake Kabetogama

Today’s pace is, admittedly, much different & much faster than the one I can remember from the years during which I grew up. Nonetheless, a family vacation is still one of the best opportunities to reconnect with the ones who are most dear to you. (This page may contain affiliate links, which means I may […]

Think Spring and Spring Fishing!

Purple Flower Buds in Field

As I sit here and look out the window at the snow swirling around my house, wondering if we are really going to get that foot of snow that was predicted, my mind begins to wander. All of a sudden, it hits me… it’s March 2nd! I need to think Spring! (This page may contain […]

Tying the Trilene Knot

trilene knot

If you are more of an “old school” guy like me, you probably still use monofilament line on your reels. And there is nothing wrong with that! So, if that is the case, the Trilene knot is a good one to know how to tie. It is definitely a strong and reliable knot used to […]

Boating Knots to Know – Before You Go

Boating Knot to cleat

There are a number of very basic boating knots with which even the most casual of boaters should familiarize him/herself. This is to ensure that, among other things, the boat stays where it was tied. That in mind, this article deals with the basic knots you can use while boating. Actually, these knots have many […]

Ticks – Never a Friendly Sight

Brown Tick on Yellow Leaf in Close-up Photography

I remember my first encounter with ticks. I was about 9 years old and on one of the many family vacations to Bagley Minnesota. Undressing and getting ready for bed one night, I noticed a small brown “bug” slowly making its way up my leg. Close Encounters of the Tick Kind I picked the unwelcome […]

Lake Turnover in Fall – Causes & Effects

autumn trees at Kabetogama

What is Lake Turnover? Does it effect fishing? What’s happening down there? I had pondering these questions for some time, especially after taking some fishing trips in the fall. After some extensive research, here’s what I’ve learned. Water is quite possibly the most fascinating substance on earth. This is true for a number of reasons, […]