Fishing & Boating in the Northwoods

Think Spring and Spring Fishing!

Purple Flower Buds in Field

As I sit here and look out the window at the snow swirling around my house, wondering if we are really going to get that foot of snow that was predicted, my mind begins to wander. All of a sudden, it hits me… it’s March 2nd! I need to think Spring! (This page may contain […]

Boat Winterization and Storage – Getting Ready

Free stock photo of cold, fall, fog

The days are warm, sunny and bright, the nights are cool and crisp, and lakes are beginning the slow process of turnover. I know that, up at my favorite fishing hole in northern Minnesota, the pike are feeding voraciously and the walleyes and smallmouth too, are fattening up for the long winter ahead. It’s not […]

First Aid Knowledge and a Medical Kit in Your Boat

Person Applying First Aid

You will save yourself a lot of anguish, a lot of fishing time, and maybe even a life if you and your boat are properly equipped with some first aid supplies. (See Boating Regulations by state) Because once you are out on the water, it is too late to discover that a very important item […]

Get Your Fishing Boat Ready for Spring!

Fishing boat covered & ready for travel

Most of us are antsy to get our boats back in the water after a long, cold winter. Some have even taken our boats to the southern parts of Illinois, or even as far south as Kentucky or Tennessee to extend the season. But the important question is: is your boat really ready to be […]

Safety Equipment in Your Fishing Boat

coast guard

Because I don’t have the space to keep my boat in my own garage, I prefer to empty it of the vast majority of its contents, including safety equipment, before it goes into a distant storage facility. (Read more about getting your boat ready for winter.) And that means, even though I have been meticulously […]

Wearing a PFD – a Real Lifesaver

Portrait of Boy in Life Jacket on Lakeshore

Of the many “perks” I receive as a result of switching my boat insurance to Boat U.S. – not the least of which is a darn good policy that is less expensive – I regularly have delivered to my mailbox a copy of Seaworthy magazine. Published quarterly, it is always chock-full of useful information covering […]

Lightning: A Serious Hazard While Fishing

Lightning Bolts in the Sky

It is really difficult to know exactly where to start when talking about lightning; there is so much known and written about it. For starters, a thunderstorm can be defined as any storm that contains lightning and thunder. And at any given moment, there are about 1800 thunderstorms of various intensities occurring around the earth […]