Fishing & Boating in the Northwoods

Cures for the “Are We There Yet?” Syndrome and Cabin Fever

From above smiling ethnic boy and girl in casual outfits sitting fastened in passenger seats with ukulele during road trip together

Many articles of mine refer to the numerous trips and vacations taken by my family while my sister and I were growing up. My father was a veritable nut about going places. But neither my sister nor I were all that gung-ho about traveling, especially by car. When I wasn’t sleeping to pass the time, […]

Tires, Trailers & Towing – Some Tips

boat and trailer

I just came back from my annual spring fishing trip to Minnesota, and I gotta say: every year I get a little bit more nervous as I tow my boat 600 miles north, and then back again. The reason is simple. People drive way too fast nowadays. And that is without pulling some sort of […]

5 Reasons to Consider Slower Road Speeds

Slow Signage

The price of gas is now back near the prices we were paying ten years ago, in 2012 and 2013. Does that mean we won’t see lower prices again? No way to tell. However, even though cars continue to show improvements in mpg, I have concentrated ever harder on finding ways to make that gallon […]

Fuel Economy – 10 Tips to Consider

a close up of a gas pump at a gas station

Fuel economy is a measure of how far a vehicle can travel on a specific amount of fuel. The higher the fuel economy, the less fuel the vehicle uses and we all know, the less fuel we use the less that trip is going to cost! I often tell myself that I am not as […]

Boat Insurance

Fishing boat covered & ready for travel

Even if your state does not require boat insurance, it is still a wise investment. The cost of boat insurance is relatively low compared to the potential cost of repairs or legal fees if you are involved in an accident. Without boat insurance, you could be forced to pay for all of the damages out […]