Side Dishes

Aside from the nightly "what would you like for dinner" question that either Heidi or myself invariably asks, there is another question that usually remains unasked but is equally important, and that is: "what else would you like?" 

This question refers to the side dishes that are possible with our dinner choice:  Is it rice, potatoes, beans, etc?  And of course, there are myriad choices of available recipes for rice, potatoes and beans... as well as the "etc." part of that response.

So below are a number of "sides" that I have personally tested and tasted and can promise will deliver compliments, whether you are at home or somewhere in the north woods on vacation!

Spanish Rice

Spanish Rice

This is a superb recipe for just about any fish dish. It's easy and lends itself well to most of the Northwoods resorts with basic kitchen facilities. View Recipe

Bass Veronique

Wild Rice with Shitake Mushrooms

This side dish lends a Northwood flavor to any fresh water fish and is one of our favorites.  Try it with salmon, trout, bass, northern---the possibilities are endless. View Recipe

AuGratin Potato Casserole

AuGratin Potatoes

Here’s a recipe that was handed down to my mother by our close friends from Bagley, Minnesota, circa 1960. View Recipe

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