There are literally hundreds of different types of sauces that can be made, each having tremendous potential to increase the variety – and isn’t variety the spice of life? – of ways that food can be prepared and presented. The resulting world of flavors can do wonders for even the simplest of dishes. 

Removing the skin from a walleye fillet

Fish Stock & Fish Velouté

Here are really only five basic sauces – starting points – from which all other sauces begin. Referred to as “mother sauces”, each is literally the head, or mother, of its own unique family of sauces it can produce... Read more

Margarita Pike with Mango Hollandaise

Mango Hollandaise Sauce

Now here’s an easy recipe for a sauce that will really add some pizzazz to what may have been a somewhat blah piece of fish. It will work equally well on fried, broiled or even grilled fish. Read more

Tartar Sauce

A great tartar sauce is so easy to make.  There's really no need to ever buy a bottle of it from the grocery store again.  Experiment with the amounts of the Tabasco sauce to get just the right amount of heat for your tastes.  Read more

White Sauce

I used this basic recipe and added some inexpensive champagne and a slice of mango for flavor and… voila: a quick and easy champagne-mango white sauce for my grilled walleye fillet! With your newly acquired knowledge of fish voluté and simple white sauce, you’re ready to be as creative as you like. Read more