Tying The Trilene Knot

If you are more of an "old school" guy like me, you probably still use monofilament line on your reels. ...And there is nothing wrong with that! So if that is the case, the Trilene knot is a good one to know how to tie; it is definitely a strong and reliable knot used to join monofilament line to hooks, swivels and lures.

Slippage is very minimal, and the knot is a stronger alternative to the clinch knot. If the eye of the hook has a greater thickness than the line diameter, the double wrap though the eye will definitely ease some of the stress on the line. And... the Trilene Knot is a very easy knot to tie!

Step 1 - Finished Palomar Knot!

Start by passing the tag end of the line through the eye of the hook or lure a single time, as shown...  It really makes no difference whether you pass the tag end under or over the line after going through the eye -- just be consistent as you continue.

Step 2 - Finished Palomar Knot!

Bring the tag end through the eye a second time.

Step 3 - Finished Palomar Knot!

Now wrap it around the standing end of the line...

Step 4 - Finished Palomar Knot!

five or six times.

Step 5 - Finished Palomar Knot!

Lastly, thread the tag end of the line

Step 6 - Finished Palomar Knot!

back through the double coil (just above the eye) created in step one.

Step 7 - Finished Palomar Knot!

Lubricate the knot (simply use saliva) and pull it tight.

Step 8 - Finished Palomar Knot!

Trim the end -- but not too short (about where the arrow is pointing).Voila! your Trilene knot is ready to go!

If you would like to watch a video version, just click!


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