Fishing Knots

Expert sailors know more different types of knots -- and how to tie them -- than Carter has pills. But even the biggest novice on the water can be aided by the knowledge of just a few simple knots. From keeping a snap swivel tied securely to the end of your line, to keeping your boat tied securely to the dock, a little knowledge of knots will go a long way towards making your day on the water a better one.  rk

 The Palomar Knot

The Palomar Knot

Often mistakenly called the Palmer Knot, the Palomar Knot is arguably one of the best knots to know how to tie – especially for the avid fisherman. It is an extremely easy knot... Read more

A look at the finnished Trilene Knot

The Trilene Knot

The Trilene knot is a good one to know how to tie; it is definitely a strong and reliable knot used to join monofilament line to hooks, swivels and lures.  Slippage is very minimal... Read more

Strp in tying a snall

Making Your Own Snells (Lindy Rig)

I later learned that this was a simple "Lindy Rig".  The first leaders-- actually called snells -- that I bought were only 59 cents each.  Years later, a friend showed me...By R. Karl Read more