On the Bourbon Trail

A Trip Through Kentucky

I've driven through Kentucky countless times, never having a clue as to what treasures were to be found within its borders.  But on this particular occasion, we had narrowed our focus to a relatively small number of things to do and see...  Even so, five days "on location" yielded an incredible wealth of information -- not the least of which was what we gleaned from our tour of the bourbon trail.

Putting the finishing touch on a bottle of Maker's Mark

The articles below may only scratch the surface, but the story of bourbon is one which should serve as a call to head to the Wonder State to see, smell and taste for yourself, the ambrosia called: Bourbon!

September is National Bourbon Month!

Natural waterfall over limestone at Woodford Reserve

It's the Water & A Lot More

There is so much more than just caves associated with the Bluegrass State.  In a very long list of activities and attractions available in nine different areas of the state -- selected for geographical and other similarities -- one could easily include such diverse interests as horses, Daniel Boone, the Civil War and even bourbon...

Balanced Rock

Go Climb a Rock...

The rain that had taken a break and allowed us to observe some of the workouts began anew, and a cold wind added to the discomfort, so we packed it in and headed east and south to Natural Bridge State Park...

The unique copper stills at Woodford Reserve

Whisky for My Horses... Water for My Men

By now the whisky was calling me instead of my horses; we had two distilleries that we wanted to check out in the Lexington area.  Unfortunately we only had time for one tour today, and Wild Turkey in Lawrenceburg would...

Education and Reenactment at Perryville

Musket Balls and the Mark of a Maker

The bright sun and green grass almost covered two things on this March day: the biting wind with its resulting frigid chill, and the eerie sense that there were screams and desperate cries that accompanied the roar of cannon and flash of muskets still carrying across the valleys...

Whisky barrels at Buffalo Trace

A Brief History of Bourbon

I still would like to have been around in the latter portion of the 18th century. After all, we had just won our independence from Britain, the American Frontier was wide open and calling out to us to settle it, and droves of immigrants were headed to America, bringing with them a treasure trove of knowledge, some of it involving the process of distillation and distilled spirits... Read more

Fermenter #4 at Woodford Reserve - made of cypress wood

How Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Is Made...

Whisky? Well there is Rye Whisky, Scotch Whisky, Irish Whisky, Canadian (blended) Whisky... for example. But the one in which we are truly interested is Bourbon Whisky, recognized as "A Distinctive Product of the United States" by an act of Congress in 1964. The law really doesn't say that it has to be made in Kentucky (although ~99% is), however... Read more