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Canning Recipes

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Fresh Fish

Walleye Cheek Dip garnished with cilantro, green onion and red bell pepper strips







Canning is something of a "lost art" that few people know how to do anymore.  A generation or two ago, I'm willing to bet that a far greater number of folks out there "put up" all kinds of things.  The reason was simple: freezers were not even around yet.  Canning your own or farmer's market produce is a rewarding way of making the most of the growing season!

Pickled Green Beans
Since we always try to plant a second crop of beans right around the 1st week of July late September/early October brings enough beans to double this recipe. That way, we can enjoy them all winter! Besides, fall canning is much more comfortable than summer canning (unless you have an outdoor kitchen.)
The Lost Art of Home Canning
So, before I share with you the simplicity of canning say, tomatoes (for starters anyway), allow me to address some of your concerns.  Consider home canning to be a science as well as an art.  The science part comes in when one considers the very important aspects of food handling and safety...



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