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      By R. Karl

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My 7-inch Henckels slicing easily through a walleye during filletingIn my book, Filleting Freshwater Game Fish: Northern, Walleye, Bass and Bluegill, I have dedicated the very first chapter to knives.  After all, the right equipment is crucial to getting the job done well!  Over the years, I have tried numerous brands of filleting knives (Normark, Rapala, Chicago Cutlery, just to name a few) and found them all to be useful; I certainly would not "dis" any of them, as they all have a place and purpose in my collection.  My passion for cooking however, has led me to purchase a single brand of knife for a plethora of purposes: Henckels.  My first 9" chef knife and sharpening steel were purchased way back in 1975 -- making them almost 40 years old as of this writing.  They are still like brand new...  My point is this: a good knife is a good investment and, treated well, will last a lifetime.

I have included some links here to the equipment that I have mentioned in my book; I also use these knives both at home and while fishing in the northwoods.  If you're not sure where to begin, try the 5.5 inch boning knife first, as it is a bit easier to handle and a tad less expensive.  Once you become more comfortable with the filleting methods, you can try the 7 inch knife.







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