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Filleting Freshwater Fish

Filleting Freshwater Game Fish


Just like "soft-water" angling, ice-fishing can get to be very expensive -- if one wants to acquire all of the toys that are available for the sport.  All those toys are not necessarily mandatory in order to have some fun.  I got my start sitting on a bucket with a small pole and bucket of minnows.  Sure, it helps to have a portable shanty, a Vexilar flasher, a power ice auger and an underwater camera.  But for me, it's more the joy of escaping the winter blues and cabin fever...  rk


Ice Fishing and Other Winter Fun
Winter is on the retreat and the sun is starting to race to the north. We’ve passed perihelion – the earth’s closest approach to the sun – and the days are getting longer a few minutes at a time. Sounds like Spring is just around the corner…  (Feb '03)
Rice Lake, Wisconsin Ice Fishing
It seemed to me to a great excuse to try some more ice fishing - I made several phone calls, booked two nights at the Best Western and Heidi and I planned a weekend getaway... 
I watch as John drills the first of many holes in the ice... Delavan Wisconsin Ice Fishing
"Winter sports are surely not for the faint of heart.  But if the hustle-bustle rat race and other stresses have got you feeling that you want to scream, my suggestion would be...


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