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 Fish Cleaning
Filleting Bass
Filleting Bluegills
Filleting Northern
Filleting Walleye
Skinning Pike

Filleting Freshwater Fish

Filleting Freshwater Game Fish


I failed miserably on my first attempt at filleting (a 1 lb. Walleye was reduced to a patch of flesh about 10 cm long), but I swore to get better.  After watching a good many fishermen and "dock boys" who were experts at the task -- and a lot of practice -- I finally honed my own skills.  The pages below demonstrate how I learned to clean walleyes, northern pike, small mouth bass and blue gills; they are some of the best freshwater game fish I have tasted!  rk
Filleting Walleye
It was some of the best walleye fishing I have ever seen. More importantly, I saw my first walleye cleaned and filleted by a family friend who I later nicknamed "30-Second Ray"...
Removing the Y-Bones from Northern Pike
..."I really love northern pike... I just hate all the bones I always have to pick out of the meat."  I never knew how simple it is to remove those nasty y-bones... 
Removing the Skin from Pike
Many people have written me to ask if there is a trick to removing the skin from a northern pike...   The short answer is: not really.
Filleting Bluegills
It's the size and anatomy of the fish that makes cleaning them something of a chore. But when I tasted the results, it was I who was literally hooked.
Filleting Smallmouth Bass
I'm convinced that there is no "easy" way to fillet a smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu)- at least I have never observed a way that is any easier than... 
Knives - Using The Right Tool...
My father had always told me that there was always "the right tool for the right job."  A wrong or inappropriate tool always led to a poor result at best... and an unfortunate accident at worst...




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