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Information about a Frank Lloyd Wright home (rentable) in nearby Two Rivers, WI

Enjoying some morning sunshine!
Klondike Days

Cars, Trains and Ducks!

Filleting Freshwater Fish

Filleting Freshwater Game Fish


Mariner's Trail along Lake MichiganThis weekend I am going to take some time and squeeze in another journey into Wisconsin. There is a city on the edge of one of the greatest of the Great Lakes – Michigan – by the name of Manitowoc, to which I have wanted to journey. The name itself has the ring of Native American Heritage. The Indians called it mune-owk, and it meant “spirited land.” Manitowoc hugs the shoreline of Lake Michigan; it is a city of about 35,000 people and one of the cleanest I have visited. My assumption is that the residents take great pride in their city as well as their personal residences. Its heritage is one of rich maritime history, fur trading and the lumber industry. It is this trip that I wish to describe to you.
S.S. Badger coming into Manitowoc A Weekend in Manitowoc Part 1
The S.S. Badger is a huge vessel with all the amenities aboard, including restaurant and lounge facilities, a movie theater, children’s play areas, a small maritime museum and a well-stocked gift shop. One can ride inside in air-conditioned comfort or enjoy...
Remnants of Sputnik IV at the Rahr-West Art Museum A Weekend in Manitowoc Part 2
To most people, what I saw in the street in Manitowoc would probably go totally unnoticed; many would find the small brass ring in the very middle of the street, marking the location of...
West of the Lake Gardens A Weekend in Manitowoc Part 3
We scored some brand new 15-speed Schwinns and headed north on the brand new Mariners Trail bike path that followed the Lake Michigan shoreline from Manitowoc all the way to...
Great views are available from the bow of the Badger! Big Ship...Fun Ports




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