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Is your business in the travel/vacation or fishing industry?  If so, then OntheLake.net is the right place to advertise your business!  Show off your business or product to industry-targeted viewers with a large leaderboard 728x90 pixel banner (see above banner for size) at the top of all our pages! We also offer real-time statistics so you can see how your ad campaign is working for you!  Rates start at just $3/per thousand impressions!

Since 2001, www.OntheLake.net has been about helping folks find the right place to spend a vacation. We haven’t changed our goals or our philosophy, but we are embracing the fact that most browsers come to our site mostly for information: to read the articles we have written about boats and boating; about fishing, cleaning and preparing fish; about excursions to places of interest. They like what we write and they’ve told us as much. 82,000 page views in 2010 and 96,896 page views in 2011 is an indication that we still have what a lot of folks are looking for. We don’t mind that, and we’d like you to take advantage of it, by advertising your business on one of those pages; with your ad on one of those pages, visitors are going to see you.

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Note: Please make sure your banner is appropriate for our site.  Banners will require approval as we do not accept advertising banners for adult, Rx or gambling sites.  If you have any questions, please ask.

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