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OntheLake.net is intended to help you to find just the right place for you and your family to relax and have fun on your vacation while experiencing the natural beauty that the North Country has to offer.  Whatever you seek, I hope that you can find it here, On The Lake.  R. Karl

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  • Sounds of Silence
    So as I sat serene -- back at home -- in the afternoon sun, my mind drifted to one particular morning on our most recent trip, and an ancient outcrop of granite on which we had enjoyed numerous, previous breakfasts over past years... the most recent on our return trip during the first week of this September...Read more (9/22)

  • File:Bronko Nagurski.jpgBronko Nagurski and the Northwoods Connection
    Suddenly, right before my eyes was a little gem that I had never expected to find: pre-game activities at Super Bowl XVIII (Tampa, Florida in 1984) paid tribute to George Halas, former coach of the Chicago Bears.  There would not even have been an NFL without Halas.  More of interest though, was the fact that the coin-toss that year was accomplished by none other than Bronko Nagurski, an all-time legend in Bears history (he played for Halas) and football in general.  Several things instantly happened within my mind...Read more (1/28)


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  • R. Karl's Filleting Freshwater Game Fish: Northern, Walleye, Bass and Bluegill is now available at Amazon.com!  Everything you need to know: proper equipment, step-by-step instructions – including exactly how to remove those pesky “y-bones” from northern pike – and includes a special chapter on how to remove the skin and wrap/prepare your catch prior to freezing.



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